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It’s not called foosball at Facebook, at least according to this logo.

Facebook ($FB) returned to its hometown of Cambridge a little over two years ago. After recently finishing an expansion at its One Broadway office at Kendall Square, the social media giant now has capacity for more than 100 people to accomodate its hiring plans.

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Ryan Mack

Ryan Mack, the company’s engineering lead in Cambridge, told BostInno that Facebook plans to continue to hire more people and grow its footprint there in the coming years. He confirmed that the company reached its target of employing 50 people there by the end of 2015.

The Cambridge office, Mack said, is focusing “on projects related to data infrastructure, core system services, location, language runtimes, mobile development, networking and security.”

The social network’s video component, in particular, has become a major focus for the Cambridge office and Facebook in general, Mack said, noting that the company reached 1 billion video views per day about a year ago and has now reached more than 8 billion views per day.

“Video at this scale brings unprecedented challenges around network capacity, efficiency and consumption behavior,” Mack said. “We’re continuously working to make uploads faster and more reliable across different types of devices and networks. We’re also focusing on improving encoding turnaround time for videos.”

To get all this work done, Mack said the company has made the office “as convenient as possible so our engineers can focus on solving the biggest technical challenges of connecting the world.”

That includes having an open office floor plan, with a mix of sitting and standing desks, in addition to plenty of areas and conference rooms where teams can meet, Mack said. He added that many of the conference rooms are named after Boston landmarks or areas, and that there’s plenty or art thought the office that was produced by local artists.

“Having an open office facilitates people sharing and communicating about what their doing, which we believe is essential to creating the best services for our community,” Mack said.

Mack said the expanded space also has a new recreational room, as well as a new presentation and eating area, which is used to have office-wide meetings.