Another day, another great white shark sighting off of Cape Cod. This great white shark footage was captured Wednesday near Monomoy, which is southwest of Chatham, Cape Cod.

Check out the video:

The Cape Cod Times has the story of this most recent sighting, by a family from Portsmouth on vacation. Writes the Times:

Peter Mottur said he was out on his 35-foot fishing boat Pelagic with family just 50-feet from the shore off the southern tip of the island when an awe-inspiring scene unfolded right in front of their eyes.

“There was a great white shark gnawing on a seal. We were right on top of it,” said Mottur, 43, of Portsmouth, R.I. “The shark wasn’t scared and circled the boat for a few minutes. And it just kept coming back and nibbling on the seal.”

An independent expert confirmed from the video that it was, indeed, a great white.

Great white shark sightings have been unusally high this summer, as we’ve reported before. As my colleague Sam Dwyer wrote of a great white shark sighting off of Cape Cod last week:

The sighting is only one of many in the area this beach season.

On July 30th, Denver-native Chris Meyers, 50, was bitten by a great white shark in Truro, MA. He suffered wounds to his legs but none were life-threatening. Meyers had been swimming some 400-yards from the shoreline when he was attacked.

On Sunday in Wellfleet, MA, a 12 foot shark was sighted by an early-morning patrolman just five feet inside the shoreline. It was following a pack of seals…

…Experts attribute the increase sightings of sharks, including great whites, to rising water temperatures and the subsequent proliferation of seals.

For some photos from a previous sighting, see the photos below: