What better way to enjoy the fireworks this 4th of July than with an icy cold cocktail in hand? There is plenty to do in Boston for the holiday (see: this), but nothing beats the good old tradition of watching the fireworks. Before or after you grab a spot on the Esplanade and watch the Boston POPs fill the night sky with the sounds of independence, grab a seat at one of these restaurants to sip on the beverage version of a sparkler.

These six local joints are serving up something special for Independence Day, and reminding us — in liquid form — how great it is to be an American. From a popsicle in the form of a cocktail to a Roman candle, these drinks will get you in the mood to exercise your unalienable rights. Take a look at the following slideshow to see which ones suit your fancy, and make Sam Adams proud this holiday.

Happy 4th of July!