It all started with a plaid shirt.

Cass Taylor had bought a shirt from J.Crew she was so in love with that she wanted to wear it every single day. Jess Rosenthal and Erin Fucigna, Taylor’s co-workers at Arnold Worldwide, heard her exclamation and thought it would be fun to challenge themselves to wear a single piece – like the plaid shirt – multiple times throughout the week.

Experts in marketing, the trio decided to brand their challenge Five Days Five Ways and document their daily forays into the world of fashion.

“We really wanted to shift and take a passion of our own – style and fashion – and apply the creativity we give to our clients,” said Taylor.

Although they all work together, the three ladies bring very different personalities to the challenge. Taylor is a mother in her mid-30s and describes her style as “eclectic.” Almost 29, Rosenthal calls herself “classic, all-American,” and Fucigna is a 23-year-old straight out of college, discovering both the world of business and fashion simultaneously.

“We really feel like we hit on three targets and bring a nice mix to what we do,” said Rosenthal of their distinct traits. “What’s so special about this it that we’ve come together, the three of us…and we’re all influencing each other.”

Taylor explained how Five Days Five Ways has forced each of them to outside their comfort zones by putting together outfits they would never normally wear. They often get together for weekend brunches to determine their upcoming items, focusing on “accessible” items in their closets and avoiding pricey designers like Louis Vuitton and Chanel.

“It’s less about the fashion and more about the style,” added Taylor.

For example, one week, Rosenthal experimented with a big, yellow, zebra-patterned scarf, wearing it as a skirt, necklace and headband on various days.

Fucigna’s favorite item to wear was a black and cream polka dot circle skirt from American Apparel. “It was the most challenging to dress up and down.”

While you couldn’t get away with the eclectic outfits in all office environments, the ladies praise Arnold Worldwide for supporting a “maker culture” that not only accepts but also encourages them to wear hoodies and layer jewelry most days of the week in the name of fashion.

“I think that’s what really differentiates the Five Days Five Ways fashion experiment from other ‘multiple ways’ styling tips,” said Fucigna. “We don’t just show you how to wear a skirt five different ways. We actually wear these five different outfits all day, every day from Monday to Friday.”

Brands have noticed their uniqueness, as well, and the ladies mentioned that they are talking with stores about featuring broader categories of Five Days Five Ways challenges on their blog – think a week dedicated to sportswear or menswear-inspired attire.

Despite what happens with Five Days Five Ways, the trio has certainly learned about themselves through the project. “We love challenging ourselves week to week,” said Taylor.

“It’s not about what looks good or doesn’t look good,” added Rosenthal. “It’s about how you wear it.”

For inspiration from the Five Days Five Ways ladies, check out the slideshow below. Additionally, you can follow them on their blog, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest for daily and weekly updates.