By now, it’s common knowledge Forbes is taking its Under 30 Summit to Boston. The event, with an expected 5,000 attendants and a “village” to be erected in City Hall Plaza – is honoring 600 young entrepreneurs who are innovating in a slew of sectors, spanning from arts and style to enterprise tech. And a chunk of those youthful innovators are Bostonians.

Forbes could have taken the easy way out by holding the Summit in New York, its home base, or the Valley. But Boston caught its attention. Randall Lane, editor of Forbes Magazine, explained:

Obviously, we noticed with GE moving up there and just the momentum that Boston has, we needed a host city we could grow into… We see in Boston a lot of what this entire event is about. It’s about innovation; it’s about growth; it’s about the celebration of young ideas. And Boston seems to have a tremendous amount of momentum in terms of the growth of the city and it’s a destination for entrepreneurship, which, of course, is central to the entire Under 30 Summit. It’s evolving from the stereotypical college town into a place companies are being launched and growing. We thought, “What a great place to call home and grow with.”

Randall Lane, editor of Forbes Magazine. Courtesy photo.

Lane and Forbes are betting Boston will provide a more immersive experience for entrepreneurs and attendees flocking to the Summit. In addition to the event’s programming, including speakers Chrissy Teigen and Bobby Flay, Forbes plans to play business matchmaker with an app exclusively reserved for award recipients.

“It’s powered by Tinder and it’s the only use of Tinder’s technology that’s not for dating. It’s to create business matches,” Lane told us.

“When you match, you can find a place to meet, so it’s not like one of those conferences where you go around looking at people’s name tags and hope you run into someone who might be helpful,” he added. “Here, you have matches.”

Who from Greater Boston has received this honor? Local Under 30 winners – current and past – include the following talented folks.

Jeremy Au, co-founder of MindBamboo

Natalya Brikner, co-founder and CEO of Accion Systems

Sampriti Bhattacharyya, founder of Hydroswarm

Dave Bisceglia, co-founder and CEO of The Tap Lab

Teasha Feldman-Fitzthum, co-founder of EverVest

Gabe Blanchet, co-founder and CEO of Grove Labs

Igor Brantikov, co-founder of Wanderu (pictured, left)

Polina Raygorodskaya, CEO and co-founder of Wanderu (pictured, right)

Eric Kim, postdoctoral research fellow at Harvard

Tom Coburn, co-founder and CEO of Jebbit

Jonathan Lacoste, co-founder of Jebbit

Nushelle de Silva, founder of Building Bridges

Brian Fiske, senior associate at Flagship Ventures

Mike Hole, co-founder of StreetCred

Rebecca Liebman, co-founder and CEO of LearnLux

Holly Maloney, principal at North Bridge

Neil Chheda, co-founder of Romulus Capital (pictured, right)

Krishna Gupta (left) and Neil Chheda of Romulus Capital.

Krishna Gupta, founder of Romulus Capital (pictured, left)

John O’Leary, vice president at Acadian Asset Management

Stephanie Parker, engagement supervisor at AMP Agency

TJ Parker, CEO and co-founder of PillPack

Louis Perna, co-founder of Accion Systems

Moritz Plassnig, CEO and founder of Codeship

Steven Keating, doctoral candidate at MIT

Daniel Reker, postdoctoral fellow at MIT

Alan Ricks, co-founder of MASS Design Group

Amy Robinson Sterling, executive director at Wired Differently

Jameson Rogers, consultant at Boston Consulting Group

Maxim Lobovsky of Formlabs.

Samuel Shames, co-founder of EMBR Labs

Maxim Lobovsky, co-founder of Formlabs (pictured)

Carol Suh, entrepreneur at Stanford Business School

Natasha Wright, doctoral candidate at MIT

Matt Barba (pictured up top), co-founder and CEO of Placester 

Christine Baugh, PhD candidate at Harvard

Sharad Sagar, founder and CEO of Dexterity Global

Arron Acosta, co-founder of Rise Robotics

Blake Sessions, co-founder of Rise Robotics

Deckard Sorensen, co-founder of NBD Nano

Jamie Byron, co-founder of Grove

Phil Dumontet, founder of Dashed

This list has been updated.