Earlier this week, we introduced you to Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) — the perfect example of a school doing online right. Located in Manchester, New Hampshire, mere steps from the Merrimack River, the school’s become one of the world’s 50 most innovative companies and the largest online-degree provider in New England.

None of those accomplishments would have been made possible without SNHU President Paul LeBlanc, however, and apparently his fans agree.

No, not students. Fans.

A Tumblr also surfaced this week called #MostInterestingPrez, and is dedicated entirely to President LeBlanc, “the most suave and intriguing man in higher education.” The rest of the blog’s bio reads:

Unfettered by administrative censorship, MostInterestingPrez delivers the facts that President LeBlanc, the face of the fastest-growing university in the country, is far too modest to tell you. We’re here to share our knowledge of his power and grace, but don’t tell Paul. Seriously, don’t tell. His adventures are endless, his feats are unfathomable, and though his thirst for a beverage is not what makes him the most interesting man in higher education, supporting a thirst for knowledge does.

Of course, we broke the rules and are telling you about it, especially since SNHU appears to be behind the blog. On Tuesday, they tweeted:

[blackbirdpie url=”https://twitter.com/SNHU/status/235392849393360897″]

The memes were just too funny not to share, though. Don’t believe us? Check them out for yourself. Now, which Boston president do you think will receive the same royal treatment first?