Remember, as a kid, that intense rush of pure joy you felt when you heard the tunes of the neighborhood ice cream truck inching closer and closer to your street? You’d immediately drop whatever you were doing, beg your mom for a dollar and run like the wind towards that (creepy) music to get your hands on that ice cream sandwich or Flinestone push-pop. Now, Uber, the private car service, wants to bring back that summer nostalgia.

Beginning this Friday, July 13, Bostonians can use their Uber smartphone app to summon an ice cream truck to their location in the city. From 12 p.m. to 6 p.m., when called, an Uber Ice Cream Truck will arrive at your location within 10 minutes. For $12, Uber will serve enough ice cream to feed a group of five people, with the option to purchase more.

“We’re thrilled to bring this first of its kind service to Boston,” Boston Uber’s General Manager, Michael Pao, said in a release. “At Uber, we strive to communicate our brand in the most creative way possible. We hope to have more Ice Cream Truck Days throughout  remainder of the summer.”

Yes, please do, Uber! There’s nothing I love more than ice cream, and nothing I hate more than actually having to walk to the store to purchase it. But Uber practically read my mind when they realized how incredibly amazing it would be for customers to simply push a button and summon the cold treat, right to our fingertips. Uber, thank you and I love you.