We “check-in” to the movies, dinner and the gym, now, a new initiative wants you to check-in to your sexual encounters. You read that correctly folks – next time you get it on, make sure to answer the question, “Where Did You Wear It?

In conjunction with National Condom Week earlier this month, Planned Parenthood launched the “Where Did You Wear It?” campaign, as “Foursquare for people who don’t want a sexually transmitted infection.” The initiative placed QR codes on certain brands of condoms, allowing you to quickly scan the code and record the location of your romp before (or, after) it happens. Or, more simply, head to WhereDidYouWearIt.com to check-in to the location.

The initiative is aimed at promoting safe sex, catering to the younger, tech-savvy crowd who’s “proud to wear protection.” Worried about mom, dad or your crazy ex-girlfriend creepin’? Don’t, because the check-in doesn’t require you to reveal your name, and on the map it doesn’t display specific addresses, just a blue dot in the general vicinity where the dirty deed happened.

Of course, we had to try it out for ourselves. After putting in an approximate address, the check-in requires you to input your gender, the gender of your partner and your age range. Then, it asks some details about your relationship, with drop-down menu answers ranging from “all about love” to “what relationship?” They also want to know your reasons for wearing a condom, and where it was worn, with options ranging from “the great outdoors” to “planes, trains and automobiles.”

And, the only question anyone ever wants the answer to: how was it? Hopefully, “Ah-maz-ing – rainbows exploded and mountains trembled,” is your answer every single time.

Here’s a look at where Bostonians are getting it on. You’ll notice the map is, well, lacking, but we’re going to chalk that up to people just not knowing about “Where Did You Wear It?” No excuse now, though, Boston. In the wise words of Marvin Gaye, “Let’s get it on.”