Photo: Northeastern University

If you’ve ever been past the IDEA lab in the depths of Hayden Hall at Northeastern, you may find yourself wondering, “what actually is behind those frosted windows?” We know, it seems a little daunting or even suspicious. But behind those windows lives a thriving environment of entrepreneurs and startup enthusiasts, collaborating and innovating on the next big thing. To give you an inside look at exactly what IDEA does, this week’s Friday Five will highlight some of the best parts about being one of IDEA’s Communications Officers.

  1. The Blog. Yes, this blog that you’re reading is written by one of IDEA’s Comm Officers. Writing about IDEA not only helps you learn about entrepreneurship, but it allows you to get to know all of the inspirational and hardworking ventures that IDEA works with.
  2. The Lab. As mentioned before, most of our great ideas happen in the IDEA lab. Fitting, right? Because the lab is always busy with ventures, coaches and Management Team members, it’s the perfect place for creative inspiration– even if it’s to finalize your senior thesis or to complete accounting homework.
  3. The Newsletter. The Comm Officers create IDEA’s monthly newsletter, which compiles all of our big stories from the past month. This includes funding announcements, spotlights on standout ventures, advice from our mentors and service providers, and more. We love being the vehicle of IDEA’s good news each month.
  4. The Connections. The Comm Officers are constantly working alongside and communicating with many other organizations within Northeastern and around Boston, including the Entrepreneurship Club, Northeastern’s Center for Entrepreneurship Education, MassChallenge, and many more. Working and collaborating with these groups forges meaningful connections with faculty and other students which  lead to friendships, mentorships and even professional opportunities.
  5. The Team. IDEA’s Management Team is made up of around 20 students from each college within Northeastern. We know firsthand that entrepreneurship can seem a bit intimidating, especially to a non-business student. But the Management Team is living proof that if you have the drive and compassion to turn an idea into a reality, your major doesn’t really matter. We are a fun, hardworking group of students who share a passion for helping others create something big.

One of the best parts about IDEA is that it’s a completely student-run organization. The downfall to this is that our Communications Officers are both graduating this May. We are looking for a couple of hardworking, creative and intelligent Northeastern students to fill these positions. If you are interested in joining the IDEA Management Team, please visit our website or email