If America runs on Dunkin’, Boston literally bleeds it. The Canton-based food chain knows how to whip up the coffee that New Englanders literally can’t live without, and, well, let’s just say most of us would never, ever turn down a dozen Munchkins either.

Beyond the physical deliciousness Dunkin’ Donuts provides to our tastebuds, the company is also doing a killer job of engaging customers via social media. From Instagram to Facebook, here’s why we love Dunkin’ Donuts on the Internet as much as we love them first thing in the morning.

Pinterest – For a food company, Pinterest might be an obvious sharing platform, but it can quickly get overwhelming if they’re posting photos of every donut under the sun. The Dunkin’ Donuts Pinterest features 13 boards, and while there is inevitably a board dedicated to donuts and a board dedicated to coffee, the 11 other boards feature a well-rounded glimpse into the brand. In particular, we like the glimpse at Dunkin Donuts through the years as well as the “Creativity runs on Dunkin” board, featuring fan tributes to the coffee house.

Instagram – Gizmodo just ranked Dunkin’ Donuts on its list of “9 Ridiculous People You Should Be Following on Instagram”… and it’s not even a person. Their reason? “Donuts look even better when they’re tilt-shifted.” Our reason? This photo:

Oh, and this one, too:

Twitter – Dunkin’ Donuts’ local (@DunkinBoston) and national (@DunkinDonuts) handles are both worth a follow. They give away tons of gift cards and are great about responding to customers’ tweets. Not to mention, the local handle has a great grasp of what’s going on in the Boston, from EarthFest to the Celtics playoff series.

[blackbirdpie url=”https://twitter.com/#!/DunkinDonuts/status/203483204886331392″]

[blackbirdpie url=”https://twitter.com/#!/DunkinBoston/status/203550413029515265″]

Facebook – With over 6 million “likes,” Dunkin’ Donuts brand page is both engaging and entertaining. Not only do they consistently post fun photos of delicious treats, they host fantastic campaigns, from their recent “Like a Boss” video series to their latest “Fan of the Week” series.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m craving an iced coffee and a Munchkin.