Yesterday, popular online retailer, formerly CSN Stores, announced their official rebranding and proceeded to celebrate in style, hitting up bars all across the city. I first caught wind of this on my way home yesterday, as I ran into one of the employees, who was sporting a T-shirt. It’s great to see employees embrace a big change their company is going through. But what Wayfair pulled off was incredible. Their entire Boston office was out on the town…all 750 of them. While some were out in bars down by the water (Remy’s), the rest were spread out across popular spots like Lir, Dillion’s, Sonsie, Harvard Gardens, and White Horse.

That’s a lot of ground to cover.

Now this is corporate culture. It’s one thing to hold an internal company meeting to launch a big change, with groups of people celebrating in their own “cliques”, but when a team comes together as a single cohort and celebrates such an undertaking as this, it speaks volumes about the level of employee morale. Why wouldn’t you want to work at a place that take initiative like this? Sure, the online retail space might not be for you, but this is a great example of a larger company building community outside of the office. Other companies should take note.

Not only was the team all out in person, Wayfair was spreading the good word through Twitter and Facebook yesterday and today. It looks likes temporary Wayfair tattoos was the theme of the night as employees, young and old, inked themselves with the purple logo. Using the #zillion hash-tag, people shared the news on social networks.

This rebranding effort is a big move for the company. They had several brands under the umbrella of CSN stores such as and, which now will be known as Wayfair. Only time will tell if consumers can look past the segmented brands under the former CSN umbrella towards the consistent Wayfair name, but we are sure of one thing: the employees look like they are behind the switch and wanted to celebrate. And that is what keeps your company going. Just check out how much fun they look like they’re having…

images via Twitter and Facebook