Matt Lauzon, founder and chairman of custom jewelry startup Gemvara, will be joining Matrix Partners as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence. Lauzon started work on the company in 2007, while a student at Babson, and was CEO until November.

Lauzon has been very public on Twitter in exploring various ideas for his next company, and a couple weeks back I reported a rumor that he’d be taking an EIR position at Highland. I stand corrected. He’s also been consistently semi-jokingly tweeting about running for Mayor. He also participated in a recent joint City Council meeting between Boston and Cambridge on talent retention, in which he said his next company would locate in Cambridge.

I asked Lauzon to share a bit more about his decision by email. His answers are below.

Why Matrix? Was there someone specific who convinced you to join them?

The partner I expect to work closely with is Antonio Rodriguez and I am very excited about the opportunity to do so. Antonio is exceptionally talented when it comes to recognizing opportunities and I also believe we are aligned in how we think the way great businesses are built. I also love that Antonio is such a great advocate for the Greater Boston area – something I am very passionate about. Beyond Antonio individually, I’m impressed by the values and track record of the firm. By virtually every measure they have consistently performed among the very top venture firms – that’s really exciting. It’s hard to find a firm that’s so consistent in both their success and the way they treat entrepreneurs.

Can you say any more about the opportunities you’re pursuing?

I’m not disclosing details of specific opportunities or plans right now. What I can say is that one of the nice things about the Matrix platform is that it allows me to evaluate a variety of paths personally over the course of the coming months. I will look forward to sharing more as things develop 🙂

You said the other night your next company will be in Cambridge. Does that mean you plan to stay in Greater Boston?

I do plan to stay in the Greater Boston area and I hope to help make Boston an even more awesome place to live and work!