The premise for Unsully is simple: instead of taking your car to a car wash, the company will come clean it in your parking lot while you’re at work. The startup, which formally launches tonight but is already active in Boston’s Innovation District, was founded by Joe Nigro, formerly of Vsnap. Nigro has deep experience detailing cars and a strong network in the city’s innovation community. With Unsully, he’s putting those two together.

As he wrote in a post today:

Today, everyone in Boston will have a new way to get their cars cleaned. With our experienced mobile car cleaners hitting the streets during the work week, we have made it easy for you to save time and money to get a quality and convenient car wash while you work.

Nigro trains the detailers himself, and hopes eventually to offer students (among others) a viable part-time and entrepreneurial form of income. He also says he’s using sustainable cleaning products.

This model isn’t new – Cherry tried it on the West Coast – but Nigro thinks he has the recipe. First, he’s not coming to wash your car wherever it is; he’s focused on selling the service to companies as an employee perk, thereby working in a handful of parking lots rather than street parking. Second, and related, he’s starting small, limiting himself for now to the Seaport. Third, he’s not looking to raise VC, thereby taking the pressure off to scale.

So far, the idea has traction. Even pre-launch, with the website still under development, Nigro was seeing revenue. Foreign as it may be to Silicon Valley-types, that’s how he hopes to finance the growth of his business.