More often than not, emails are a daily nuisance. We usually let our attention drift to more attractive destinations: your favorite online store, the latest TechCrunch article. But what if one of your daily emails was meant to serve as a reprieve from the madness? As an “index for all things Boston,” that’s what Bostonology aims to be.

The newsletter, launched this May, is a project by two friends, Sonya Kovacic and Peter Gorman, that came to fruition when Kovacic, a photographer, wanted a way to put the pictures she’s accumulated of Boston to use. With thousands of pictures of the Boston area at their fingertips, courtesy of Kovacic, the two realized the most meaningful way to share the photos with friends, family and whoever else was interested would be a daily newsletter, which Gorman describes as a “short, nice break for the day.”

As Kavocic and Gorman fleshed out the idea, they decided to release a single picture in the email, with a piece of Boston trivia, a link to more reading and a unifying theme. So Bostonology was born, and since they launched the newsletter on May 5, 2014, they’ve sent out more than 40 emails with themes like “rain,” “vaudeville” and “fridays,” and accumulated 250 subscribers.

All of the newsletters can be found in their archive, but here’s a look at a glimpse of Bostonology below.

With the theme “ferry,” the newsletter goes on to describe the story of the “great ferry” from the 1600s, as well as a link out to more information on the newest ferry line in Boston. While Gorman says that the “pictures came first, everything else came second,” both he and Kovacic love Boston history and the city itself. For inspiration, they’ll look to the photos Kovacic’s taken, or she’ll head out to snap a picture that corresponds a piece of Boston trivia or information.

Kovacic says that they’re trying to dispute Boston’s conservative reputation by spreading new information.

“There’s a lot more to the city than a lot of people may think, so we’re trying to get exposure of that to people,” she says. “As a photographer, you get to show people details they might not have seen.”

Going forward, Kovacic and Gorman have plans to make the daily emails more interactive, utilizing social media and incorporating local events and user feedback, but that’s still “a few weeks away,” according to Gorman.

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