Image via Silicon Hills News

SXSW is about innovators from across the country getting together and sharing ideas. It’s not a competition — except the SXSW Accelerator. That’s a competition, and we’re proud to say three Boston names made the winner list!, an analytics company focused on mobile health data, won the health category, Funf, an open source mobile data processing framework out of the MIT Media Lab, won the news category, and Viztu won the Innovative Web category according to Silicon Hills News. Reports the site:

Winners—who were judged on creativity, viability, product and team–received $4,000, tickets to next year’s SXSW and a Swiss backpack to carry their gear when they return, among other things., which is also out of MIT, offers a mobile app for patients tied to web-based data dashboard for health professionals to analyze users’ health behavior. It also gives researchers a platform to better understand health through improved trend analysis and predictive modeling.

Funf describes itself as “an extensible sensing and data processing framework for mobile devices” that provides “an open source, reusable set of functionalities, enabling the collection, uploading and configuration of a wide range of data types.” But to get a sense for what that means, it helps to look at the image below from their site:

The point is to provide an open source option that standardizes the collection and transmission of data from your mobile device.

Both of these efforts are broadly similar, in that they both treat the mobile phone as a sensor. Put hundreds of millions of sensors out there and you start collecting a lot of data. Collect a lot of data and you can learn some interesting things.

Viztu, also founded by MIT grads, does 3D printing. You should take a minute and check out their products page. From software that creates 3D models from pictures you take on your phone, to creating mugs shaped like your face, these guys are up to some amazing stuff.

Congrats to all! Great to see Boston representing at SXSW.

[Update: 3/14/12 5:28pm – The original version of this story left out Viztu.]