It looks like Google Maps may finally be coming to Apple’s App Store, that is, if it’s accepted. This according to The Wall Street Journal, which stated the new app “will work on Apple’s iPhones” and has been distributed “to some individuals outside the company,” citing someone whom they believe to have “direct knowledge of the matter.”

So what does this mean for mobile marketers?

1. For starters, we may continue to see more Google apps added to Apple’s mobile devices.
The more crossovers, the better it is for mobile marketers and app developers. Which leads to the next point…

2. It’s a sign of the decreasing “us vs. them” mentality on mobile devices.
For years, Apple wouldn’t allow competitive apps to enter their app store. Now they do. Google is in direct competition with Apple, yet they want their apps in Apple’s stores. Why? Because it’s not about one company being superior over the other—it’s about the consumers.

3. It’s further proof that working together can be a good thing.
If Apple does accept Google Maps, we’ll have another example of competing companies working together to benefit consumers. Which can serve as inspiration to us all. Who are some of your competitors? Is there a way you could ever work with them to benefit your target markets? If Apple and Google can do it, perhaps we can too.

My experience with Google’s apps has been great. What are some of your favorite apps from Google?

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Paul Joe Watson holds an MA in Communication Studies and Mass Media, a bachelor’s degree in Advertising/Public Relations, and is the author of “Protect: A World’s Fight Against Evil”, a novel published in 2009. He’s written several essays and articles for both print and Web publications. He currently resides in North Carolina. You can read more at or follow him on Twitter: @pauljwats0n.
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