For someone who’s obsessed with the Titanic, this was a gem of a find today. Two local Twitter users, August Blake and Dave Barboza came across two of Boston’s very own shipwrecks on Google Maps.

“I was merely toying around with the 45-degree views on Google, taking a look at drainage outfalls from stormdrains and buried rivers,” says Blake of stumbling across the images. “I was looking at angles where the tide was lowest for the best views, and I happened to see this piece of wreckage near a large outfall on Pappas Way in South Boston. To my surprise it looked like a boat!”

The ships are located just off Summer St. in the Reserve Channel in South Boston, and according to a document from a Boston Conversation Committee meeting, the ships likely went down in the 1990s.

We were hoping for some magical love story involving Jack, a poor-boy from Wisconsin and a lovely Philly girl named Rose with a tyrannical husband… but this will have to do.

Check out the images below.



And the link for more.

Thanks to Universal Hub for pointing these out!