Appswell builds iPhone apps YOU think are cool
Building iPhone apps YOU think are cool

How do iPhone apps get popular? Well, most of the time iPhone apps go viral because one person has a good idea that other people find awesome, too.

This is the premise that iPhone app developing company Appswell works off of. The company, which launched in October, is based in Cambridge with four in-house developers. They work in conjunction with a development partner, Bit Group.

Why so many developers? Because they develop iPhone apps on-demand!

Appswell works like this: Users submit ideas for new apps and then the community votes on the best ones. Each “contest period” runs for 100 days. Appswell then picks one to two of the best ideas every month to develop and bring to market. The person who submits the winning idea gets $1,000 cash and 10% of the profits. Appswell calls this process “the democratization of brilliant decisions.”

Once the winning apps are picked, Appswell sets a budget (anywhere between $10,000 and $25,000) and gets to work. Each app takes four to eight weeks to develop.

It’s a very clever business model. The technical and financial burden is shifted off the consumer, which is a huge draw for users to submit ideas. Then, by capitalizing on consumer wants, Appswell is able to create the best and most desired applications. Says Daniel Sullivan, founder of Appswell, “the most innovative ideas are bouncing around in the heads of consumers.”

Appswell pays you if they pick your app
Appswell pays YOU (if they pick your app)

Placing app concept creation in the hands of consumers also takes the legwork out of marketing and research. One person who submitted an app proposal even made a website to tell people to vote for his idea on Appswell.

Appswell is instantly likable. The New York Times dubbed Appswell “the American Idol for applications,” and we can certainly see why. Make sure to download the Appswell app to submit your own idea or vote on other ideas.

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