The sweet, overplayed stylings of “Pomp and Circumstance” are about to be heard around Greater Boston. Bagpipes will sound, LL Cool J will sing with a college a cappella group before becoming a doctor and famous commencement speakers will dish out their fair share of fuzzy platitudes.

Alright, so the LL Cool J thing would only happen at a Northeastern commencement ceremony, but the rest rings true.

It’s commencement season here in the Hub, meaning the city’s soon-to-be graduates will be strolling around in polyester sacks looking like a bunch of idiots — unless they properly prepared first. And they’ll be doing it all to have their dreams either ignited or crushed by a billionaire, late-night comedian or Bill Nye the Science Guy.

Sadly, Oprah won’t be delivering a commencement speech at Harvard again this year, but Bill Cosby will be palling around with Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick at Boston University, and that’s pretty cool.

The rest of the speakers lined up for the city’s other undergraduate ceremonies are equally as impressive.

Image via Kenshin Okubo