Last Earth Day, Greenbean Recycle announced the launch of a new recycling machine at Brandeis, after seeing successful usage at both Tufts and MIT. Harvard and Northeastern soon followed in sustainable suit and today, one Earth Day later, three more schools joined the ranks: Bentley, Wellesley and Merrimack.

Since August 2011, Greenbean has helped recycle more than 172,000 bottles and cans. Through their reverse vending machines, Greenbean has gamified sustainability by tying real-time analytics and social media to the process.

After setting up a profile on Greenbean’s website, users can feed empty containers into a campus’ Greenbean machine and get bottle and can deposits refunded directly into their PayPal account, put on their student ID card or donated to a charity of their choice, all without a paper receipt or cash register.

As an added incentive, Greenbean partners with environmentally-friendly sponsors, such as Boloco, Zipcar and Honest Tea, to host challenges for individuals and colleges to compete in for rewards.

Users can gain instant access to how many containers they have diverted from landfills and kilowatts of energy they’ve saved through the Greenbean website. To register, they can simply punch their phone number and email in on the machine’s touch screen, or sign in with Facebook.

As of today, nearly 32,000 pounds have been diverted from the landfill and more than 29,000 kilowatts of energy have been saved.

Although currently focused on college campuses, Greenbean CEO and Founder Shanker Sahai hints in a press release that the company has “begun to explore partnerships with hospitality services, as well as retail outlets in the Greater Boston area.”

For a closer look at Greenbean, check out the mini-documentary below.