Screenshot via Vimeo

The Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy announced that Janet Echelman has named her aerial sculpture, currently sitting pretty above the park, “As If It Were Already Here” in reference to Boston’s industrial past. The industriousness that it took for Echelman to pull off the art installation though is aptly reflected in the statistics.

According to the Greenway Conservancy:

  • The sculpture includes over 100 miles of rope
  • There are over half a million knots (~542,500)
  • The sculpture weighs approximately 1 ton
  • The sculpture can exert over 100 tons of force
  • Longest span is 600 ft
  • The sculpture is 365 ft at its highest point
  • Projected plan area of the sculpture is 20,250 sq. ft. or almost half an acre
  • Illuminated by 32 individually programmed LED lights

On Sunday, May 3, more than 50 crew workers raised the public art installment in a labor-intensive project that took more than 20 hours. The new dimension it’s brought to Boston’s cityscape and skyline, though, is more than worth the painstaking hours.

“I designed this sculpture to knit together the urban fabric of Boston along The Greenway,” said Janet Echelman, a Brookline native. “I’m thrilled to unveil an artwork for and about my hometown. This space has been transformed – from harbor to city, to elevated highway, and now blooming public park.”

The sculpture will hang above Boston until October.

On Monday, May 11, at 7 p.m. the Greenway will host an official grand opening ceremony for Echelman’s work, free and open to the public featuring “live seafaring music – symbolic of Boston’s maritime history and Echelman’s early inspiration for her sculptures being found in fisherman’s nets in Bali. Refreshments will be available for purchase from food trucks parked nearby.”