It’s election day, but I’ve still got football on the brain.

That bye week was brutal.

Last year at this point, the Patriots were a comfy 5-1. During the 2010 season, the bye came at week 5 when we were 3-1 on our way to winning the next three games (and 11 of the remaining 12).

But now? Not so much.

The Pats are coming off a serious Rams beat down (marking a chance to win three straight for the first time this season) but have lost an inexplicable three games already by a combined four points. Miserable losses, every one of them. We’re currently 5-3 and sitting atop the AFC East standings; but we’re just starting to feel like us again.

[Writer’s note: I realize I’m not a professional football player and the Patriots are not my team. That said, I can’t wait for us Pats to hit the gridiron again … we’re feeling good!]

So, selfishly, I don’t want to give our boys time to rest and heal; I want them out on the field doing what the Patriots are supposed to do: win games.

Last week’s game was entertaining for a number of reasons. Atop that list, of course, were the six touchdowns notched by four different players, including two each by Brandon Lloyd and Rob Gronkowski. Then there were Gronk’s touchdown dances—both of which (here and here) added some serious flare to his signature power spike.

But instead of reveling in Gronk’s latest Gronkfoolery this past Sunday, I was forced to ponder more serious concerns. Like the election, which is today, after all.

For decades, professional athletes have been retiring only to embark on illustrious—or not so illustrious—political careers (a tip of the cap to you, Mr. Schwarzenegger). And many politicians have a decorated history of athletic achievement, too, from President George W. Bush (dude hummed a strike wearing a bulletproof vest) to President Barack Obama (dude straight balls).

This got me thinking: What current or past members of Boston’s Big 4 (apologies to the Revolution) should could hang up the cleats/spikes/high-tops/skates upon retirement in favor of a navy blue suit and cheesy campaign slogan? See below for a few submissions, including some you’d expect–The Gronk and Brady–and some you may not–Scaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal!

I just got the list started … let me know who you’d add or remove below.