Rob Gronkowski has been a busy man since returning to Patriots games in late October, and just by force of personality, he has created yet another headline. Gronk has his own rap song finally. And it’s about time too, because if there is one thing that he was missing, it’s clearly a rap song. Though Gronk doesn’t actually rap himself (that’s done by rapper UNO), he does apparently voice his approval. Hosted by, the song is titled “Game Time.”

Here’s the Gronk rap in all its glory:

The intro has the Patriots All-Pro tight end saying the following:

“It’s Gronk. It feels GOOD to be back. Get hyped. I approve this message.”

Typically eloquent Gronk-speak. Still, I’ve seen worse hip-hop, and it’s a fairly catchy tune to be fair. That said, anytime a rapper tries to specifically write a song about a sports-related theme, it ends up sounding forced. This song is no different in that respect.

My favorite part is probably around the 1:34 mark, where they seem to either unintentionally mixup Rob’s little brother Glenn “Goose” Gronkowski, or just give him a random picture-shout-out that definitely doesn’t matchup with his mention in the song.

Gronk missed the first six weeks of the 2013 season, recovering from injury. Since his return, he’s tied his personal record for receptions in a single game (against the Jets) and then broke it two weeks later (with nine catches against the Steelers).

It’s been a big week for Gronk and hip hop. On monday, as was noted in one or two place on the internet, he did the Dougie at Havard Stadium at a totally-not-sketchy event.