Screencaps from the new version of Who’s That.

Here’s the situation: you’re with a friend or two, and you want to hit up a bar, but you wish you could find a larger group to join because, well, more the merrier, right? However, you’re not always lucky finding that right group, so what is one to do?

Who’s That, an app that was founded by Boston College and Boston University graduates, has been trying to solve that problem since last year by matching friend groups up with Tinder-like functionality. But now it’s getting a major improvement thanks to a new partnership with Fireball Whisky. And yes, that improvement involves getting a free, first round of Fireball drinks or shots every time you go out using the app.

The app works like this: a user creates a group consisting of one to two friends, then browses through other groups of friends, hitting the drinks button if the user wants to meet with another group and the “X” button if they don’t. Like Tinder, if the groups have mutual interest, they both get notified and are then prompted to chat and set up a place to get drinks.

Here’s the catch, and you probably already guessed it: the free round of drinks have to be Fireball-related, and are only served at more than 20 participating bars in Boston. (The Brahmin, Lucky’s Lounge, Scholar’s, Sterling’s and Sissy K’s are on the list. Co-founder Sam Davidson told me more locations are expected to be announced soon, including a “special partner.”)

When setting up a place for complimentary drinks, Who’s That connects you with a concierge who reserves your place of choice and then gets you set up for free drinks automatically.

The concierge service is one of the new features of the new Who’s That app. The app also now allows for flexible group sizes and includes a revamped group messaging system and a new “popular” page that shows the app’s most popular groups of friends.