From edtech to coders, Boston is packed with tech meetups. A quick search on Meetup for “Tech Meetups in Boston” shows over 300 different groups, from artificial intelligence fans to digital marketing enthusiasts.

So, how to choose? In compiling this guide, we’ve selected five groups that meet the following criteria: being established and consistently active for more than three years, having scheduled upcoming events and having more than 1,000 members. We’re aware that the following meetups are not the only ones that meet these criteria, so we prioritized factors such as the variety of events offered.

Here’s the BostInno guide to the best tech meetups in Boston:

Boston New Technology

Founded: 2007

Members: 16,100+

For entrepreneurs, developers and technology enthusiasts, this meetup encourages networking and collaboration among tech startup founders, VCs, employees, partners and mentors from all around New England. According to the introduction, Boston New Technology has produced and hosted or co-hosted 100+ free events, including 81+ monthly startup showcases, with over 500 startups presenting. Qualifying startups can present for free, but the group asks established companies to sponsor the meetup. Events are a mix of free admissions and/or tickets required.

Tech in Motion Boston

Founded: 2011

Members: 9,600+

This meetup organizes “mixer” events to get tech professionals the opportunity to meet each other, even though they wouldn’t normally cross paths. The goals of the group are encouraging tech knowledge, having questions answered in real-time, discovering new tech and hearing stories that inspire. Organizers are two marketing and events specialists, Cara Sweeney and Courtney Grab. Meetups are a mix of networking-only events and networking-plus-panel events.

Girl Develop It Boston

Founded: 2013

Members: 4,100+

For women who want to learn how to code, this meetup focuses on encouraging more women finding jobs in the tech sector by providing classes, teaching assistantships and professional networking advice. Topics covered are, among others, PHP, app building and visual design. Same of the classes have a fee for admission.

Boston Python

Founded: 2007

Members: 7,300+

For Python developers, learners, employers, and enthusiasts of all kinds, this meetup welcomes all skill levels. There are two kinds of regular events. First, monthly presentation series, where a designated speaker shares his or her thoughts for about an hour about topics of interest to the community. Second, monthly informal project nights, where people sit down with other Python developers to have their questions answered, get help with a particular trouble spot and, generally, share expertise. RSVPs open a week before each event.

Boston EdTech Meetup

Founded: 2013

Members: 1,000+

This monthly meetup focuses on supporting “educators, technologists, researchers, librarians, entrepreneurs, investors, reformers and learners looking to explore, discuss and improve technology in academia, K-12 education, higher education.” Events range from panel discussions to community mixers, from member spotlights to keynote speakers, from workshops to hands-on learning experiences. Events are usually free.