No one likes getting slapped with a driving citation or a parking ticket, but while most people would either ignore the payment until the last possible moment when they have to cough up the cash, or merely send in what is owed, this guy decided to have fun with it.

According to a post online, after getting a ticket in his town for going through a red light, a Reddit user that goes by the name of  “growlingoctopus” decided to pay the $137 citation—the total amount due— by making 137 origami pigs out of $1 bills.

“I got this ticket in a town where the cops (and absurd red light cameras) are pretty much a money trap and that’s it. I decided to pay in an appropriate manner—137 origami pig $1 bills,” he wrote.

After spending “something like 6 hours” on meticulously folding the bills into tiny little pig-like formations, the Reddit user then recorded himself paying the fine by  hand-delivering the paper swine to the Clerk’s Office inside of two Dunkin’ Donuts boxes.

The video was then uploaded to YouTube on Sept. 11.

The clerk behind the glass wall asks the ticket-payer “what is that,” as he is handed the first batch of folded dollar bills. The clerk then refuses to accept the pigs as a form of payment, until they are unfolded.

“How is this different than having crumpled bills in my pocket? I am offering to pay the ticket right now,” the origami-folder says.

The clerk quickly gets on the phone and calls for reinforcements to deal with the awkward bill-paying situation. When the police arrive, they ask the man nicely to step aside and unfold all of the dollar bills before trying to use them to pay the ticket—but not before the cop takes a picture of the pigs with his cell phone and says “I get it, little piggies in a donut box, I get it.”