Abby FichtnerMeet Abby Fichtner – the Hacker Chick.

Abby is a self-taught programmer who has an insatiable desire to help other hackers and entrepreneurs develop great ideas.

Abby built her career developing cutting-edge technology for startups and also coaching teams on how to improve how they develop new software.

What’s a Hacker?

Isn’t a hacker someone who breaks through cyber security?

Not Abby.

According to Abby, the best definition of a hacker is from Bruce Schneier, who says:

A hacker is someone who thinks outside the box. Someone who discards conventional wisdom and does something else instead. Someone who looks at the edge and wonders what’s beyond. Someone who sees a set of rules and wonders what happens if you don’t follow them…

As the creator of Hack Boston and Hacker in Residence for the Harvard Innovation Lab, she was named an Innovation Amplifier by the Boston Globe – definitely living up to Schneier’s definition of a hacker.

In addition, Abby spent a couple years as Microsoft’s Evangelist for Startups and also started up Boston’s Big Data Hacker Space.

The list of accomplishments and impressive achievements continues.

Now, Abby has her own blog, runs Boston’s 3500 member Lean Startup Circle, and teaches workshops at MIT, Harvard, Northeastern, and TechStars (and now Boston College!).

You know what the Hacker Chick has done, now follow her on Twitter @HackerChick.  It’s your turn.

Come see Abby speak about lean startups in BCVC’s first event of its Venture Launch Seires on Tuesday, December 3rd from 5:30-6:50pm in the Fulton Honors Library.  Start hacking.