For the future game-changers out there, who believe social entrepreneurship ranks supreme, going to a college with like-minded beliefs is crucial. From a college’s green initiatives and political activism to their volunteer projects and ethical practices, Best Colleges Online believes there are some schools who “facilitate this desire to do right by the world better than others,” and they’ve ranked them in a list: 20 Best Colleges for Socially Conscious Students.

Topping that list? Hampshire College and Harvard University.

While Best Colleges Online hasn’t provided the madness behind their methodology, they have provided a description for each school. Hampshire took the top sixth spot, falling behind “hippie schools” like the University of California, Berkeley, which came it at number one. The site writes:

Like an East Coast Berkeley, Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts always has harbored a student body devoted to every brand of social justice out there. Boasting an “anti-oppression curriculum,” the school doesn’t even offer grades for its courses, most of which take an activist education bent. For added crunch, three different faculty programs heavily emphasizing civil liberties and public policy, population and development, and community partnerships. Socially-conscious students at Hampshire certainly have many inspiring mentors at their disposal when it comes to working on projects for or outside of class.

Harvard came in at number 14, which is interesting considering the University just ranked as one of the three worst colleges for free speech. Censored and socially conscious? Alright. Here’s the site’s take:

Activists and future politicians practically shoot out of the John F. Kennedy School of Government, which primes students for careers as community servants. Though American policy makers are, for the most part, tragically useless, that doesn’t mean the school hasn’t produced some exceptional game changers. In the visual media department, artists shed light on issues such as AIDS in order to promote awareness through creative conduits.

While I wouldn’t agree that American policy makers are “tragically useless,” I would agree that Harvard deserves to be on this list. The school has the most solar energy capacity, and hit an environmental milestone this summer, becoming the first higher education institute to complete 50 Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certifications for projects around its campus. The University’s green projects cover 1.5 million square feet. And, with 40 more LEED projects currently being conceptualized and built, there are another 3 million square feet of green projects in the works.

Where do you think the socially conscious students are really hiding? 

Photo Courtesy of VietnamArtWork