Fresh out of the 2012 [email protected] program, Handybook has gained quick traction since we first wrote about the team in July, enough to attract over $2 million. The company has just confirmed the funding, coming from a couple angel investors, including Bullhorn CEO Art Papas, as well as General Catalyst and Highland Capital Partners.

Focused on allowing users to buy services instead of products, Handybook is an online platform that enables visitors to book handymen and cleaners within 90 seconds. The process is as simple as entering a ZIP code and selecting the preferred time and date.

Over the summer, co-founders Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua have brought on an additional hire to help with community management, as well as a full-time designer. “We’re looking at using this capital to build out our core team,” Hanrahan says, hinting they’d like to bring on more engineering and marketing talent, all while building out their provider base.

Handybook has 100 providers between New York and Boston on their platform come July, and the number is only expected to multiply. Although, when booking a service online, users might ask, “How am I going to feel when this person shows up outside my door?” Handybook can say “safe,” because they’re running every provider through a background and reference check to ensure they’re qualified.

“A lot of sites offer lead generation by allowing users to request proposals, but Handybook’s business model and underlying technology take that to the next level by making the process seamless and instantaneous,” said Bob Davis, general partner at Highland Capital, in a press release.

Outside of the $2 million in funding, the co-founders have made another big change: they’ve dropped out of Harvard Business School. With that much traction right out the gate, the duo needed little convincing. Let’s just hope this funding round is the first of many.