Buying that towering, black-brown bookcase from IKEA always sounds like a good idea when you’re standing in line at the register doling out little-to-no cash. Yet, the moment you get home, panic sets in. You’re surrounded by hundreds of nuts, bolts, bits and screws, and you can’t decipher the whatcha-ma-call-it on page one from the thing-a-ma-bob featured on page 11.

The panic soon turns into frustration, and you start fumbling through your iPhone looking for tutorials on YouTube. One Boston-based startup has a simple solution, however: introducing the Handybook app.

Handybook launched as an online platform last year, enabling users to book handymen and cleaners within 90 seconds. The process is as simple as entering in your ZIP code and selecting your preferred time and date. So simple, it helped snag the company $2 million in October, encouraging co-founders Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua to drop out of Harvard Business School.

The money was also able to help the team expand to New York City and launch the mobile app. Now, customers in Handybook’s target areas can instantly book a home service professional straight from their phone. They can also watch the provider make the trek over as their scheduled appointment approaches, and complete full payment and rating within the app.

“We’re really excited about the look and feel of our new app,” Hanrahan says, acknowledging they released the app to coincide with the release of their new website, which just went live. “We put a lot of effort into both the new site and app to make the user experience as seamless as possible across devices. The app is optimized for both iPhone sizes, and the new website is fully responsive and optimizes for screen, iPad, iPad Mini and mobile.”

Admittedly, anything that makes it easier to assemble IKEA furniture we have to get behind.

For a look at the new app, check out the slideshow below.