After hearing Colin Powell, David Gregory and Reid Hoffman were on the list of Greater Boston’s college commencement speakers, we started getting pretty jazzed. Both Boston University and Harvard have made announcements today, however, that we’re quickly getting more excited about.

First off, Andy Samberg’s coming to town and will be speaking alongside Barney Frank on Harvard’s Class Day, according to Harvard Magazine. The students sound more anxious to hear from Samberg rather than Frank — who also happens to be Suffolk’s commencement speaker — but who can blame them? His tousled hair and wildly witty SNL antics make me swoon every time. (Andy, if you’re reading this…I’m single!)

Class Day will be kicking off on May 23rd, and Harvard Magazine alludes to what you might be hearing from Samberg, attaching a quote from an interview he did with MTV News in 2007:

“If it never gets better than this, I’ll be happy. Making this movie [Hot Rod] with my buddies, and working on SNL, those were my dreams. Those two things are all I ever wanted out of my career, and now they’ve happened. So everything from this point on is icing.”

Boston University also held their much-anticipated Senior Breakfast today, where it was announced that not only would Eric Schmidt, the executive chairman and former CEO of Google, be addressing the class of 2012, but that Spock would be receiving an honorary degree. Yes, Star Trek’s Leonard Nimoy is headed to hub. And while that just made me laugh in general, the tweets that ensued were humorous. How many of you Google’d “Eric Schmidt?” Here’s a look at what the BU community had to say.

And again — one last try — Andy…call me, maybe?