HBS is branching out beyond Cambridge with its soon-to-be NYC-based Startup Studio.

Harvard is trying to take over the world. Ok, maybe I’m using a touch of dramatization, but who doesn’t love a good conspiracy theory?

In all seriousness, Harvard Business School is extending its sphere of influence to New York City. The school’s Rock Center for Entrepreneurship is launching the HBS Startup Studio, which will be homebase for a select group of alumni ventures starting in December.

For the first several months, HBS is planning on having the Startup Studio camp out in part of WeWork. It’ll be ridiculously close to Union Square and full of resources for whichever lucky ventures are chosen.

Who’s able to take advantage of this upcoming HBS outpost? Kind of obvious, but a venture must have at least one Harvard alumnus on its team to be eligible. More specifically, that alumnus can’t be working remotely; he or she has to be present in the swanky New York collaborative office space.

Other factors going into the selection process include potential for growth, as well as existing revenue streams or funding.

The chosen ones will have round-the-clock access to the open coworking space, their pick of stocked snacks and invaluable guidance from mentors and EIRs.

Oh, and their month-to-month rent will be a fraction of what you’d typically pay in New York. Cha-ching.

There are still many details to iron out – like hiring a Director and picking the crop of ventures – before the HBS Startup Studio opens its doors. But the university has already come a long way in its commitment to supporting entrepreneurs throughout the Harvard community – going beyond current students by keeping alumni involved, even if they’ve strayed from Cambridge.