The Harvard Business School’s New Venture Competition Finale is scheduled for today in the Burden Auditorium. The competition features both alumni and student admissions. The student startups are divided between Business and Social Enterprise Tracks, while the alumni competition has representatives from around the world competing. Cash prizes for the event amount to $150,000.

Update: The results are in and RapidSOS is the $50,000 winner of the competition. Sara Castellanos at Boston Business Journal has the rundown.

Here is the list of this year’s competitors:

Business Track

Be Mixed– Be Mixed is a low calorie cocktail mixer, which is sold online and at various locations in Manhattan. According to the founders, “Be Mixed reflects our shared passions and values: a love of spending time with friends, whether hosting or out, and a belief that enjoying life means indulging in all the good stuff you want by making it better.”

RapidSOS– This app aims to reach first responders quickly and effectively providing accurate location, differentiating between types of emergencies and communicating pertinent medical information. RapidSOS combines products such as one-touch-911, AutoAlert and predictive analysis to best maximize the app.

Tagup– Tagup is a Web-based app that “enables you to tag, track, and monitor your assets, parts, and products.” This startup hopes to “ditch the barcode” and offer a simpler way of tracking items.

Watson-Watson serves a specific purpose by empowering 1099ers and providing automated tax, accounting, health, savings, and insurance services that reduce costs of independent work.

Social Enterprise Track 

Barakat Bundle– This startup plans to tackle the high rate of infant mortality, particularly in developing countries, by offering a box filled with newborn essential items, health education information and maternal relief items. The startup is based on an old Finnish model of a baby box, which included a few items to limit infant mortality. Barakat Bundle wants to bring this innovation to the rest of the world.

FOCUS Foods Inc.– This startup hopes to bring self-sustaining fish farms to rooftop gardens in urban areas. FOCUS plans to implement first in Philadelphia and have already developed a prototype. FOCUS’ goal is to improve the sustainability of modern farming practices and bring agriculture to the urban setting.

Honeycomb Homes- Honeycomb offers an opportunity for at-risk, foster children to live and train on a farm for a period of time to provide sustainable futures and careers. This start-up will begin small but hopes to expand to include centers across the country.

New Major Community Labs– The New Major Community Labs provides the means for minority communities to empower themselves through civic leadership and community crowdfunding. The start-up has noted that “30 U.S. communities that have become majority-minority since 1990 lack proportional representation in civic life.” New Major Community Labs will aim to facilitate the growth of the large number of minority-led cities through “organic community change.”

Image via HBS