The battle began brewing Sunday night, after MIT’s incoming class hacked the Harvard 2017 website, replacing all the students’ faces with pictures of Mitt Romney’s mug. The prank prompted chuckles from the Reddit community. User “kokeshi111” said, “You make us proud, kids.”

After all, “kids” is how MIT incoming freshmen described themselves after also swapping out users’ messages on the page. Suddenly, it appeared that Harvard’s Class of 2017 was saying, “I regret not going to the badass institution down the street.” Or, “Damn, I wish I had as much swag as the MIT kids.”

Harvard retaliated by drafting a “Declaration of War” against MIT’s “Immature Prefrosh,” as well as a separate “Terms of Surrender.” The latter demanded both an apology from the MIT hackers, as well as their assistance when Harvard’s Class of 2017 moves into their dorms in August and “a tribute of several varieties of cookies and cheesecake in sweet abundance.”

Now, according to our comments section: “There has been a truce! They are all laughing now like little kids.” The statement was accompanied by a link to the Facebook page “Cambridge Comedy.” Although titled that, however, the site’s URL reads “Harvard Pranking,” which explains the memes filling the page.

Here’s Harvard’s “real response to MIT’s ‘hack’”:

The below images represent the memes that have since surfaced, along with how they’ve been describe. Although some are slightly humorous—What if MIT didn’t hack us, and we really are all Mitt Romney—the kudos still go to MIT. Who can deny a school that once completed the “holy grail of hacks?” Let’s chat again after we can all play Tetris at Harvard.