After receiving high praise this week for having the best graduate schools, Harvard and MIT are raking in even more accolades. Now, they’ve got the best reputations out of any other higher ed institutes in the world. Which Cambridge college grabbed the number one spot, though? Well — congratulations, Harvard!

Times Higher Education polled 17,554 academics in over 130 countries, according to their website. With “action-based” questions, such as “Which university would you send your most talented graduates to for the best postgraduate supervision,” the participants’ answers were weighted on two factors: research and teaching. The two scores were then combined at a 2:1 ratio — with more emphasis on research — and each respondent was able to nominate a maximum of 15 institutions.

Because Harvard was selected most often, the team set the University’s score at 100 and then ranked other schools based off that percentage. Meaning, MIT received 87.2 percent of the number of nominations against Harvard’s 100.

The only other Massachusetts school to fall within the top 50 was the University of Massachusetts, coming in at number 39. And here’s a look at the top 15 schools.

While I don’t disagree with this ranking, the word “reputation” always springs other thoughts to mind. I mean, I would say Harvard has a reputation for preppy, jerky bros (blame the Winklevii) and MIT for the nerdy engineers (Charm School, anyone?). Were those factored into the questionnaire? Doubtful.