This year, Harvard has been creating quite the stir. According to the Global Language Monitor, Harvard is the most buzzed about university online. The company used its Narrative Tracking Technology to analyze how often colleges and universities appeared on blogs, Twitter and in online media, and Cambridge’s own took the cake.

While the school’s reputation and achievements have helped push them up in Google search, it doesn’t hurt that the student body is out blogging in full force, all from a variety of incredibly different, often humorous, sometimes creepy, angles. Here’s just a taste of what’s been coming out of Harvard University lately.

Ivyfed — Founded this summer by three juniors, Jasmine, Georgia and Abby, Ivyfed is a blog based on how to eat, dress and live well while at Harvard. Although its geared primarily toward undergraduates, those who don’t attend the University can take tips and tricks from it, as well. The blog is divided into three sections: ivyfed (what to eat and how to make it), ivycovered (what to wear and when we saw it) and ivyseen (what to do and where to go). Need advice on how to handle date night with your “crush buddy?” Have no fear, Ivyfed has you taken care of. Just be sure to follow their rules, which include:

  1. Activity ? sex, homework or class
  2. Place ? your dorm room, dining hall, library or lecture hall
  3. Person ? your blood relative, high school student or professor

ISawYouHarvard — If students don’t follow Ivyfed’s rules, they could end up on ISawYouHarvard, which is where the “creepy” angle comes into play. Before I get bashed on by students, however, let me be the first to admit that I get nothing but pleasure out of reading Missed Connections on Craigslist. You can find a lot of endearing, entertaining stories out there. (And yes, maybe I’ve wished once or twice that one of the posts would be about me. Whatever. I already got made fun of here at BostInno last week by Sliggity for admitting this. I’m pretty sure he called me, verbatim, “a creep.”) But, I digress.

ISawYouHarvard is, indeed, Harvard University’s own form of Missed Connections on Craigslist. For students who saw a hunk in Harvard Square or a fox fumbling around for books at the library, and couldn’t muster up the courage to approach him or her, this site is perfect. Those behind the blog even provided their users with some statistics.  Most sightings occur in the dormitories, primarily by freshmen females on the prowl for new men.

Books&Liquor — If students actually connect with someone from ISawYouHarvard and need fashion inspiration for their first date, they can visit Books&Liquor. Created by three students, Colin, Emily and Nicolas Neil, one crisp autumn day, it’s a style blog dedicated to what’s hip and happening at Harvard. From tie dye to florals, they’ll point out the trends so you don’t have to.

Harvard FML — To round up the list is my personal favorite, Harvard FML. Brought to the undergraduate community by The Harvard Voice, a student-run publication, is exactly what you might imagine: a blog full of “F-My-Life” moments. Students can submit their own FML, and a few of the funniest gems get put on the site. Here are some of my recent favorites: