The rivalry between Harvard and Yale heated up today, as hundreds piled in to the 109-year-old Harvard Stadium for the much-anticipated football matchup that broke a new record. Not only did Harvard beat Yale 34-24, but the win marked the Crimson’s sixth consecutive victory in the Harvard-Yale rivalry.

Since the rivalry started in 1875, it’s the first time Harvard has beaten Yale six times in a row. Yale defeated Harvard six times in a row from 1902-1907 and eight years in a row during the 1880s, according to the Associated Press. That said, the game’s Crimson-clad fans had history to be cheering about today.

Harvard quarterback Colton Chapple was the star of the game, completing 22 of 32 passes for 209 yards and two touchdowns, according to AP. He ran for 128 more on 18 carries, and Yale couldn’t stand a chance, despite taking a 24-20 lead midway through the fourth quarter.

Harvard fans sure are excited, tweeting out Willie Nelson’s “The Party’s Over” to Yalies after the game. Others showed off their game day apparel, including this tank top from Harvard State, a “for students, by students” clothing company. They were selling “these extra charming tank tops,” featuring pop star Nicki Minaj’s face:

The description of their tank puts the Ivy League name to shame:

Have you ever wanted to call Yalies “Stupid Hoes?” We sure have… Make sure that you aren’t just at the Game, but also beez in the trap, this November with this stylish tank.

Other popular sellers included an “Occupy Yale” pinnie and a “Gangnam Style” tank top that features South Korea’s newest King of Pop singing “Hey, Sexy Yallies,” suggesting the football team goes out to “Get It Harvard Style.”

And just that they did, which students will surely be celebrating in Harvard Square tonight. To see more photos from today’s game, just check out the slideshow below.