Following Facebook’s Timeline launch, businesses began wondering what they could do with the newly-available cover space. Although the company hasn’t announced they’ll be offering Timeline Brand Pages anytime soon, there have been rumors a new feature might be unveiled on February 29th. Harvard University is one step ahead of the game, however, creating their own Timeline Cover Photos past, present and prospective Crimonsites can use.

After surpassing one million Facebook Fans in November, the school felt confident there was a need in creating images that aligned with the social networking site’s latest layout. Since 16 percent of the United States’ time online is spent on Facebook, perhaps the University’s not too far off in their thinking.

“Timeline is a way people can express interest in, or a personal connection to, a place,” said Perry Hewitt, the chief digital officer for Harvard Public Affairs and Communications and Alumni Affairs and Development.

To Hewitt, the University’s solving both an “affinity and practical problem,” since many do have an attachment to Harvard, but can’t find a picture wide enough to fit Facebook’s cover photo specs. After Harvard’s various wallpapers garnered interest, creating the covers was a logical next step, since more people are spending their days at work with Facebook left open on their desktop.

Although Hewitt wouldn’t comment on the brand aspect, since nothing’s been officially revealed, I would say this is a pretty clever way for Harvard to brand themselves. Just another example of how the University is ramping up their social media presence in a very big, “likeable” way.

Here’s a look at some of the cover photos. For the full selection, feel free to click here.