Some things just go together: Peanut butter and jelly, donuts and croissants, Miley and Liam (unfortunately), and, of course, the Fourth of July and fireworks.

But just because the Bay State, AKA the Grinch of Independence Day, prohibits the selling of fireworks doesn’t mean that you should stop your search for sparklers. You have an American rite to celebrate our country’s day of birth with some bottle rockets of your own…and what’s a birthday cake without the Roman candles?

No one wants to spend hours cooped up in the car; the holiday weekend is busy enough with a short work week and picnic preparations. You have American flags and beer to buy, dammit. We’ve gathered a list of viable New Hampshire vendors so you can enjoy fireworks on your own schedule and make it rain…FIRE.

Atomic Fireworks

  • Located just over the Mass border in Seabrook, New Hampshire, this fireworks seller is around 55 minutes away from Beantown and has prices 50% to 70% less than competitor catalog prices.

Alamo Fireworks

  • This chain fireworks store can be found in Londonderry, New Hampshire–also around an hour away from the Hub–and has a special 50% off everything discount before the Fourth.

Phantom Fireworks

  • This chain has been “lighting up backyards of America” from its New England stores in Seabrook and Londonderry, New Hampshire. Phantom Fireworks is also offering 50% everything in the store.

Rockingham Fireworks

  • This “Noise R Us” Fireworks shop can also be found in Seabrook, and is providing customers with a buy one get one free deal for Thursday’s holiday.

Fantasy Fireworks

  • According to its website, this shop always has a buy one get one free special and has the largest consumer selection of fireworks in New Hampshire.

All it takes is a hop, skip, and a jump up across the border to these New Hampshire fireworks stores to put some boom in your holiday weekend. HB, ‘Murica.