Monday is notorious for pressing the reset button on our nutrition regime. From detoxing to swearing off carbs, we tend to go to extremes when returning from multiple days without dietary restraints.

But instead of depriving the body, let’s fuel it with a heavy dose of vitamins and minerals. Lucky for us, Boston just gained a new healthy option. Thirst Juice Co. is opening their doors today at 44 School Street in downtown Boston. And since their menu has everything from smoothies to soups, we’re sure you’ll find a Monday meal that satisfies. 

This blended bar is the brainchild of co-founders Chris Roche and Heather Stevenson. Both avid runners — we’re talking 20 marathons and most recently an ultra marathon — these former lawyers decided to trade in the courtroom for the kitchen and open Thirst Juice Co. This couple believes that Boston needs more healthy ‘fast-food fare’ and are excited to offer a variety of options.

And if you’re not one to sip on a glass of vibrant green juice, have no fear. Cold, rainy (or snowy) days call for soups that warm you up without weighing you down. Smoky tomato, roasted butternut squash and Moroccan lentil are just a few of their featured bowls.

Need to refuel after a tough workout? Thirst Juice Co. will blend a protein-rich smoothie just for you. Try the Bad Monkey which combines bananas, almond butter, cacao nibs, cacao powder, dates, coconut milk and ice to form a frothy yet flavorful post-workout meal.

So swing by this new healthy hot spot — staying on track never tasted so delicious.

Images via Thirst Juice Co.