Yesterday, the first photo of Ben Affleck suited up as our next Batman hit the Internet, and today, we might have the first photos of Johnny Depp all done up as Boston mobster Whitey Bulger for the upcoming biopic Black Mass.

The photos have come from a Russian fan website,, but no longer readily appear on the site. But, Boston writer Megan Johnson captured the images and posted them to her Tumblr earlier today, and (assuming they’re legit – they look it at least), here’s Depp as a balding, Red Bull drinking Bulger:

Well, he certainly looks sketchy enough to be involved in the Irish mob.

Excited about the Bulger biopic? You already missed your chance to be a ’70s-era extra, as those open casting calls in Dorchester came and went earlier this year. But, the film will be shooting scenes in Boston this summer, so keep an eye out for Johnny Depp and the rest of the cast, which includes Dakota Johnson and Guy Pearce, around town. Although you’ll have to be extra keen to recognize Depp in this fashion, it is a refreshing change from his Tim Burton-helmed roles, which traditionally douse him in over-the-top costume and white face paint.

Black Mass is set to premiere October of 2015, according to IMDb.

h/t Megan Johnson; images via