Typically, when you hear “emerging designers,” images of twenty-somethings, often fresh out of college, enter your mind. Tonight, however, middle and high school students from NuVu Studio are cracking those assumptions and debuting their superhero-inspired fashion collection at Boston Fashion Week.

Located in Central Square, NuVu is a full-time magnet innovation center focused on high school students. At the end of June, we actually spoke with Chief Creative Officer Saba Ghole about the program, where she hinted about these superhero designs.

Over the summer, students developed their fashions alongside members of the MIT Media Lab’s High-Low Tech group, who shared their research on the intersection between simple textiles and technology. The collection incorporates various materials made accessible through digital fabrication methods, including wood veneer, felt, leather, mirrored acrylic and metal wire.

Ghole describes the student’s Superhero Collection in a press release as one, “inspired by the myths, the stories, and the ideas represented in the superhero of our future culture. Each design in the collection merges everyday fashion with heroic values and superhuman aesthetics.”

To see the collection for yourself, head to tonight’s “Emerging Trends” show at the Cyclorama. Dedicated to highlighting the fashion industry’s emerging designers from around the world, as well as highlighting Boston’s reputation of innovation and creativity, the fun kicks off at 7 p.m.

And for a sneak peek of the student’s work, check out the images from NuVu below.