Tonight’s the night, people. Entrepreneurs, devs and all techies in between will don their finest (read: ugliest) sweaters Friday and slip a carton of eggnog snug under their arms before heading over to Space 57 at the Revere Hotel.

The occasion?

Boston’s innovation community is starting its own tradition and hosting the one and only Boston Holiday Tech Co-Party, created to unite the community around a raucous night full of caroling, booze and holiday cheer…and, as of Thursday eve, pick-up lines. (Get the full scoop on the event here.)

Using the hashtag #CoPartyPickupLines, enthusiastic attendees are spitting clever one-liners to put into practice at the celebration. Play-on-words with company names and punning is encouraged.

Here are a few us BostInnoers use everyday plan on putting into rotation this evening…

Quit looking all @BostInno-cent. I know yousa freak. 

Bet you’re @BostInno-vative…in bed. 

Damnnnn. I’d like to @BostInno your number.

…and don’t even get us started on 50onFire sweet talk.

Get excited for the festivities by checking out some of the lines we’ve scooped up below.

How’d you get so smart AND sexy, Boston tech?!