After saving us all from the headaches of splitting the bill 12 ways at dinner, the students behind have put a new twist on our favorite dinnertime app: Instagram. (We know how much you love snapping filtered photos of your food, and Lisa DeCanio loves you for it.) Called SquareQuote, the app — which they’ve pegged “the Instagram for quotes” — has hit the App Store today, and now your food won’t be the only thing getting attention.

Co-founder Nicholas Shulman has been working alongside fellow Brown student Stephen Poletto, as well as two other Brown students and a California designer, to develop SquareQuote.

Shulman says they began with a simple notion:

‘Favorite Quotations’ get no love from Facebook. They still exist, but have become buried at the bottom of the Timeline’s ‘About’ section. They’re never in the feed, and aside from checking out new friends, few think to look for quotes on Facebook.

How often do you find yourself quoting your favorite TV shows, songs, movies and celebrities, though? Or, even your friends? A portion of my tweets start with “OH @BostInno,” and I follow @GSElevator, solely because I get a guaranteed laugh out of the absurdities being spat in the Goldman Sachs elevators.

Users can log in to SquareQuote with their Facebook account. By doing that, they can not only see who their friends are quoting, but they can also quote their friends with photos they’ve uploaded to Facebook in the past. And for anyone looking for additional inspiration, the team’s also created several pre-loaded templates.

After logging in, users can browse quotes — whether they be love, tech, spiritual or work quotes — or they can add their own. From there, they can change the background image, edit the text and move elements around their screen. Quotes can be shared publicly, with friends or remain private to the individual user. The options are endless, though. You can text, tumble, tweet and email all your favorite witticisms.

Need some inspiration to get started? I made a SquareQuote of my own, but have also added in some from the team’s database. Get to quoting, and show us what you come up with in the comments!