Gemvara on Pinterest

If you’ve ever browsed Pinterest, and if you have even a faint idea of what Gemvara does, it should be pretty obvious that the two are a good fit. Pinterest is a new social bulletin board site that lets users “pin” and share images, has been growing like gangbusters, and seems to have a predominantly female user base. Gemvara is a Boston startup that lets users design and purchase their own customized jewelry. You see where I’m going with this. However, they aren’t the only local company taking advantage of the latest social network.

Gemvara Discovers a Major New Source of Traffic

About six months ago, Gemvara started poking around Pinterest and discovered that users were already posting pictures of its products. CEO Matt Lauzon encouraged all his employees to become active on Pinterest, and the company started posting “boards” – basically image albums – that suggested designs for their users like “20 Ways to Style the Carrie Ring.”

“Our customers told us, with their actions and their words, that the things that make Gemvara special really shine on Pinterest,” said Lauzon by email. “The decision was a no brainer. Since every piece on our site can be styled with the gemstones and metals of your choice we are as good as it gets when it comes to giving people the opportunity to express themselves and their style.”

The company’s commitment to Pinterest has paid off. The site has become one of Gemvara’s largest non-paid traffic sources, and has been growing by a multiple of ten month over month.

Product Placement: DailyGrommet Highlights Its Deals

DailyGrommet on Pinterest

While custom jewelry is a uniquely obvious fit for Pinterest, the site is an opportunity for lots of companies whose products translate well into images, including DailyGrommet, a daily deal site that helps users make purchases consistent with their values, based in Lexington, Mass.

The company joined Pinterest in August and now has over 3,000 followers on the site. Pinterest is one of its top traffic referrers, with visits from Pinterest increasing by an average of 160% each month.

“As soon as we started using Pinterest, it was like coming home,” said Jules Pieri, Founder and CEO. ” I told our Community Manager, ‘whatever time you are spending on Pinterest, triple it.’ Pinterest traffic rapidly turns into subscribers and customers.  It’s less of a walled garden than Facebook.  It’s a community built on curiosity, optimism, creativity and discovery like Daily Grommet.  And it really helps that our Grommets are highly visual and exactly what Pinterest users celebrate.”

DailyGrommet uses the sites to feature its deals, but also to solicit requests from the community by maintaining a board of suggested deals from users.

A Sneak Peek Inside Constant Contact via Pinterest

A glimpse inside ConstantContact via Pinterest

That ConstantContact would be on Pinterest is surprising in that its products – email, event, and social media marketing – aren’t particularly translatable into images. But it’s unsurprising given the company’s strong presence in the social media space through its product line. So what does a company like that do once it’s on Pinterest?

It’s got a pretty good board of infographics, along with a lot of charts, which fits nicely with the site’s visual strength. But beyond that, ConstantContact wants to use the site to offer a window into the company’s culture.

“We are also using it to really show the culture at Constant Contact,” said Erica Ayotte, Social Media Manager at ConstantContact. “All across the country we have Regional Development Directors—who are basically like coaches in all different regions that give marketing seminars to small businesses.  So each one of them is going to have a board and will post pictures from their seminars out in the field, and even broader pictures of what’s going on in each region.”

Traffic from Pinterest has so far been slow for ConstantContact, though Ayotte expects that to change once the site no longer requires an invitation to join.

America's Test Kitchen

What other Boston companies are doing interesting things on Pinterest? We asked on Twitter and were pointed to Allen & GerritsenAmerica’s Test KitchenYale Appliance, and PerkStreet Financial.

(For the record, if your reaction to this headline was “What’s Pinterest?” you don’t read enough tech news; if it was “Not another Pinterest story!” you read too much.)