The dynamic of advertising is changing. Both consumers and brands are experimenting with and embracing new technologies that connect one another in new and innovative ways.  There is one agency, with an office nestled right here in the Seaport District, that is fully embracing the digital times and looking to represent brands as they continue evolving their advertising strategy. That agency is Studiocom.

Studiocom has developed a “Design Thinking” methodology for their clients  that aims to fully understand the brand’s audience both online and offline.  This will include customers’ passions, habits, and behaviors in order to best connect Studiocom’s clients to their own customers.

Already a recipient of the Adobe, Hatch, and MITX Awards for Web Design, Social Media Strategy, and Cross Media Execution, Studiocom helped local favorite Dunkin’ Donuts with a social campaign: let the fans decide what the next donut should be.

In 2009 and 2010, Dunkin’ turned to Socialcom to help deliver this crowd-sourcing project.  The winner was given $12,000 and a chance for that donut to grace the shelves of thousands of Dunkin’ Donuts nationwide.

Stepping back to think about the logistics of this campaign: how do you build a donut?  Will thousands of people make homemade videos of their secret concoctions and then mail them to Canton, MA? The team at Studiocom had its work cut out for them.

They developed a Flash-based website which allowed visitors to pick and choose different shapes, toppings, fillings, and frostings for the ultimate donut creation.  When all was said and done, users had nearly a million different combinations to string together for the perfect Dunkin’ snack.

Studiocom didn’t stop at the site, though.  Digital donut designers could share their masterpieces with friends and get them to vote on the potential product.  The site has already seen more than 1 million donuts created.

Of all the entries, one stood out as a crowd favorite: Monkey-see Monkey-donut, created by Rachel Davis of Sharon, MA.  With a traditional round shell, Rachel decided to use Bananas Foster filling, chocolate icing and Reese’s Peanut Butter Shavings.  Check out the website to hear her story.

This was an incredible campaign that was successfully implemented by an innovative brand partnering with a new-age advertising agency.  Crowd-sourcing can be an incredibly powerful tool for community building and engagement and Studiocom was able to harness that power with Dunkin Donuts on this specific campaign.  Check out their site for some other creative examples from Studiocom.

Interested in making your own donut? Go ahead, give it a shot.