In September, Trill launched its online website, giving Bostonians an all-encompassing database for finding local entertainment, be it music, comedy, dance or theater. Founded out of MIT by Kathleen Stetson, a former opera singer and acoustical engineer, and Katy Harris, Trill is on a mission to help Bostonians explore the cultural events happening around them, and to help local organizations and venues reach a broader audience.

Now, that mission is going mobile. Today, December 10, the Trill team launched their mobile app, Trill Tonight. Similar to its online counterpart,, Trill Tonight gathers “everything that’s happening on a stage” in Boston that day and night, but the app fits it all in your pocket. can show you shows coming up over the next few weeks, but Trill Tonight is dedicated to that day, making it perfect for last minute decisions and finding that underground performance you’ve been craving but didn’t know how to pinpoint, Trill is working to make experiencing the city’s live performances as easy as opening an app on your phone.

When you open the Trill app, the map pinpoints your location and immediately pulls up the events happening closest to you at one of the city’s 300 venues. If you’re interested in learning more about a show, you can tap for more information: a video preview, logistics (price of tickets, time, directions), as well as the Trill team’s take on why you might want to check it out will appear. Basically, it’s like having an in-the-know friend giving you well-versed recommendations, every night.

“It removes the barriers to going to a show — that it requires planning ahead, the assumption that tickets are costly, the worry that you won’t like the show. Going to a production doesn’t have to be such a production,” Stetson said in a press release.

To make sifting through the unknown events more comprehensible, Trill has sought out local cultural insiders to serve as curators for the database. The genre-specific experts thoughtfully choose their top picks, so you’ll feel confident in choosing the evening’s entertainment, both on your desktop and your phone.

So next time you’re out and about and don’t want the night to end – yet feel stumped as to what to do next – try Trill. You’ll be one step closer to discovering your new favorite band, comedian or performance in Boston.

Image via Trill for iPhone