Between the fact that HubSpot is on a hiring tear and that the company’s core expertise is inbound marketing, it seems worth passing along its post earlier this week on what it looks for in hiring an inbound marketer.

Authored by CMO Mike Volpe, the post offers a number of useful suggestions, both for the aspiring job candidate and for anyone looking to hire marketers. Here are some of the things Volpe looks for.

Your Resume Doesn’t Matter as Much as Your Online Presence

Job candidates edit and re-edit their resumes meticulously, but how many spend as much time grooming their online presence before applying for jobs? Writes Volpe:

Before the interview, do some thorough “online stalking” of your candidate. Truthfully, I don’t look at potential job candidates’ resumes much except to grab that person’s name so I can type it into Google.

If you’re not active on at least one major social network, you’re not likely to get hired. Some other pet peeves that lower Volpe’s likelihood of hiring someone for HubSpot:

When I’m doing these initial audits, some of my personal pet peeves I look our for are (1) people who have an email address with,, or an ISP like Verizon or Comcast, and (2) people who don’t have a personalized URL for their LinkedIn profile.

A Balance Between Creative and Analytical

This should be obvious, but good marketers can’t survive on creative skill alone, especially in today’s data driven environment. Writes Volpe:

Not only do you want to hire an inbound marketer who has the creativity to come up with new ideas for content and think of new ways to use tools to get results, but you also want someone who knows how to measure what they do and is motivated by moving the metrics. If they love creating content purely for the creativity of it, they are motivated for the wrong reason (if you want them to be a great marketer, that is).

So if you’re confident you’ve demonstrated your creativity in your online profiles, make sure there’s also evidence of your capacity to utilize data somewhere, too.

Subject Expertise Matters

Marketing acumen isn’t the only thing necessary to be a good inbound marketer, according to Volpe:

Domain expertise can also be important. If you market to aerospace engineers, you want to hire an inbound marketer who can have something interesting to say to aerospace engineers. Don’t overlook this. It can be harder to learn a highly technical industry than it can be to learn the fundamentals of inbound marketing.

Of course, this applies less to HubSpot, since inbound marketing is their expertise. Though perhaps in their context some expertise in SaaS software helps?

There’s a lot more of interest in the full post, including an argument against phone interviews (I agree!). And if you’re curious about how HubSpot hires its sales team, check out this post of ours from last summer.