“Holiday Cheer State House”/ Image via Boston Society of Architects

For many, celebrating the holidays means baking tasty goodies and seasonally appropriate morsels. Constructing gingerbread houses quickly comes to mind and in Boston, many people are so confident in their baking abilities that they challenge each other to friendly competitions. From gingerbread likenesses of Fenway Park to the Massachusetts State House, local architects and designers have built sweet versions of the city’s most iconic landmarks.

On display at the BSA Space until Monday, December 22, is an aggregation of gingerbread architecture so detailed they’d make make you hesitant to take a bite out of the beautiful creations. The showcase is part of the Community Design and Research Center of Boston‘s annual competition which aims to raise money for itself.

Starting on December 8, viewers were encouraged to donate money to their favorites with the one that raises the most being deemed the winner.

“Two if By Sea”/ Image via Boston Society of Architects

Currently leading the fundraising race is Finegold Alexander Associates’ rendition of the Old North Church, aptly dubbed “Two if By Sea.” At the time this article was published, it had raised $1,525 from 25 different backers.

A close second is Connor Architecture’s tremendously intricate “Holiday Cheer State House,” complete with the building’s signature golden dome. It raised $1,430 from 21 different backers.

Some of the designs are not even buildings, but notable Boston infrastructure and rides. Case and point: “Longfellow Bridge,” which spans the Charles River and includes sail boats beneath as well as a Red Line train above by STV Incorporated. Royal Icing Headache made an edible version of the Rose Kennedy Greenway’s carousel, called “Greneway Carousel, Fit for All.”

What’s best about competitions like these is that they allow architects, planners and designers the opportunity do employ their skills in something that’s fun, seasonal and lighthearted. Not to mention, they’re pretty fun to make and pretty cool to look at. So while the competition is still open, definitely help support the CDRC and next year’s round of holiday gingerbread houses. They’ve raised a total of $6,205 to date and would certainly appreciate your generosity.


“Longfellow Bridge”/ Image via Boston Society of Arcitects


“Winter at the Old State House”/ Image via Boston Society of Architects


“Greenway Carousel, Fit for All”/ Image via Boston Society of Architects


“Welcome to East Boston”/ Image via Boston Society of Architects