“Offline dating site,” HowAboutWe announced today it has reached one million date postings on its site. The website allows singles to go online, make profiles and suggest dates they would like to attend. Through the format “how about we…,” users input activities they would like to do on a date, such as sip wine at a new bar or attend a local acoustic concert. As such, HowAboutWe is a treasure trove of information on where singles like to eat, play and shop in our city.

Given its one millionth posting milestone, HowAboutWe released data about its users and cities, including Boston. Taking information from suggested dates between January 2010 and September 2012, HowAboutWe pulled together an interactive infographic (below) detailing the nation’s dating tendencies.

For Boston, the most popular date spots were:

  1. Boston Common
  2. ICA
  3. Museum of Science
  4. Cambridge Brewing Company
  5. Trident Booksellers & Cafe


Bostonians favorite foods to eat while on a date were ice cream (14.7%), seafood (11.4%) and frozen yogurt (10.5%), while 45.6% of daters chose to drink wine rather than beer (35.3%) or liquor (19.1%). It’s also worth noting that food trucks were the fifth most popular food option (7%).

Top activities for Boston daters included bowling (12%), board games (11.4%) and photography (9.5%), which is a little surprising to me because I would never choose to do any of those things on a first date. (I’m terrible at bowling, frequently call board games “bored games” and don’t own a camera.)

Nationally, Bostonians ranked third for both the city with the highest number of dining dates and drinking dates suggested. Specifically, one in six beer dates in Boston were centered around craft beer. This falls nicely in line with HowAboutWe’s data last March that revealed Boston is home to some of the drunkest singles in the nation.

We’re not total degenerates, though. Boston also ranked fourth for the city with the most cultural dates suggested, as well as fourth for the number of educational dates suggested.

“Boston was the #1 city in the U.S. for bookstore dates – which might not surprise you at all, given the academic community there,” said Carmel Hagen of HowAboutWe, who worked on the report. “We also loved that couples plotting dates at the Museum of Science headed right for the kids games – the playful humor of that approach must take the seriousness/nervous shakes out of that first date right away!”

For more from HowAboutWe, click through the infographic below. Do these stats match up with your dating life?

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